Committed to people and the planet

We are aware of the consequences of each investment, which is why we apply environmental, social and corporate governance criteria, also known as ESG criteria.

We believe that offering the maximum benefit to our shareholders means guaranteeing sustainability and caring for people.


Another way of investing. Contribute towards guaranteeing the future. This entails ensuring the growth of wealth but also striving for a better planet and more opportunities for everyone. As investment experts, we are aware of our responsibility with society.


We see sustainability as intricately linked to profitability. We manage our customer’s equity, and in doing so, we never loose sight of our immediate environment and the consequences of our every action.


Solvency and experience. Independence and trust. At Miraltabank, we truly believe that the environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) are decisive for the future performance of companies and their profitability.

Carbon Footprint

At Miraltabank, we have always been committed to environmental responsibility and the fight against climate change. We have obtained the “COMPENSO” and “CALCULO” seal from the Registry of Carbon Footprint, Offsetting and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects, an initiative of the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This achievement not only reflects our ongoing commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also underscores our initiative to proactively offset the environmental impact of our operations.

The “CALCULATE” seal demonstrates that we have conducted a thorough calculation of our carbon footprint, understanding in detail our emissions and how they impact the planet. This is the first essential step towards sustainability, as it allows us to identify and prioritize areas for emissions reduction.

On the other hand, the “COMPENSO” seal indicates that we have gone further, offsetting our emissions 100% of their carbon footprint through carbon dioxide absorption projects. This not only shows our responsibility to the environment, but also positions us as a leader in the fight against climate change.

This recognition reinforces our determination to continue advancing our environmental agenda.

Spotlight on Climate & Nature Action