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At Miraltabank, we actively manage all our funds, selecting the best financial assets at each given moment to face the risk effectively.

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“LEGAL NOTICE” To operate on the instruments, Miralta Finance Bank, S.A. requires carrying out its MIFID II classification and the corresponding suitability assessment. The contracting of these products must be carried out having reviewed the DFI (KID) that Miralta Finance Bank, S.A. makes available to you during the hiring process.

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The Miralta-Sequoia Fixed-Income Fund provides a global and flexible approach to secure maximum returns. It employs a tactical approach to markets, generating more flexibility and diversification in investment.

With an innovative and technological investment process, we enhance the cognitive capabilities of the global macro approach.

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The Miralta-Narval Equity Fund seeks value in the best European multinational companies. It is a fund conceived for the long term and specialises in quality European companies.
Focused on organisations with a culture of innovation, a long history and strong growth.

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The Miralta-Pulsar hedge fund (HF) is available to professional investors.
It provides solutions to the complex fixed-income investment landscape and aims to provide collateralised financing to small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector, mainly Spanish, for business development.


Pulsar II

The Miralta-Pulsar II Free Investment Fund (FIL) is available for professional investors.
Designed as a strategic solution for both investors and companies. The objective of Pulsar II is to provide medium/long-term collateralized financing to SMEs, using strategic and/or essential assets for the development of their activity and generators of the company’s main cash flows.

Frequently asked questions about Investment Funds

What is an Investment Fund?

An investment fund is a Collective Investment Institution (CII) in which participants (natural or legal persons) can contribute capital for the professional team of asset managers to group up and make investments. They are registered with the CNMV.

Investment funds are one of the most popular options among investors. One of their main features is that they are diversified investments, which reduce the overall risk (investing in multiple financial instruments or assets).

Mutual funds are one of the popular financial vehicles among investors. They are also a diversified option that reduces the overall risk by investing in the different assets that comprise the fund’s portfolio.

The key to choosing a suitable fund is knowing its investment philosophy (Fixed-Income Investment Funds | Mixed Investment Funds | Equity Investment Funds), geographical area, sector type or management.

It is also important to know its investment vocation or the assets it invests in (Fixed-Income Investment Funds | Mixed Investment Funds | Variable Income Investment Funds) and the geographical areas and sectors in which they invest or its fund management philosophy.

Miraltabank has:

Fixed-Income Investment Funds (Miralta Sequoia Fund)
Equity Income Investment Funds (Miralta Narval Fund)
HF Hedge Funds (Miralta Pulsar Fund) *For professional investors only.

How to invest in an investment fund?

With Miraltabank, you can invest in an investment fund with several alternatives. Contact our team of professionals through your preferred channel to receive personalised information on how to invest in the Investment Fund that best suits your characteristics and needs.

Access to Miraltabank’s Investment Funds
Fixed-Income Investment Funds (Miralta Sequoia Fund)
Equity Investment Funds (Miralta Narval Fund)
HF Hedge Funds (Miralta Pulsar Fund) *For professional investors only.
How to contact us:

If you have any queries, please contact us through these channels:

Telephone: 910 888 090
Email: info@miraltabank.com
Visit us at our offices in Madrid and Barcelona

Risk and horizons in investment funds

Investing in an investment fund involves risk. The CNMV has designed a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 represents the lowest risk and 7 is the highest risk, to be used as a reference tool for investors.

The term or horizon is highly linked to the risk, as they both have a direct relationship; the longer the horizon, the higher the risk.

These two factors must be considered when establishing an investment strategy and setting the objectives, as they will be very useful when choosing the right Investment Fund.