Portfolio management solutions applying technology and human factor

Portfolio management optimization has always been a priority at Miraltabank
For this reason, we offer a complete service that allows us to act with solidity and flexibility focused on capital growth.

Customised portfolio design

Customised strategy aligned with objectives at source

Sustainability and accountability


VERSA is Miraltabank’s portfolio management service. It is a service that combines technology (applying artificial intelligence (AI)) and the human factor (the experience and knowledge of expert asset managers).
This combination allows creating and setting up agile and robust investment portfolios, providing the personalisation and specialisation sought by large investors without a significant investment.

An Intelligent Investment

VERSA is Miraltabank’s portfolio management service created for clients to analyse, compare and build new portfolios with the backing of a tool based on the fusion of the most advanced technology and the experience of our asset managers.

Institutional Portfolio Management Service ↓

We provide execution services to a wide range of institutional clients: investment funds, banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, agencies and securities firms.

Institutional Portfolios Managed


We offer institutional wealth management services backed by over 460 clients and centred on personalised attention to detail to create tailor-made solutions. Value by design, strategy with sensitivity (Miraltabank is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment).

Questions about portfolio management

What is portfolio management?

Portfolio management is a process of seeking investments and placing money in various assets to achieve a desired outcome. Asset diversification is often considered to reduce risk.

Portfolio management can be used for various purposes, such as wealth enhancement or preservation, or a combination of both. Both private and institutional investors, among others, can benefit from this service.

Miraltabank Portfolio Management Service
Versa – A portfolio management service that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and the knowledge of our team. This binomial underpins a specialised portfolio service capable of performing an investment diagnosis of existing portfolios or creating a customised portfolio from scratch (Versa).
Institutional Portfolio Management – Accumulated experience in managing more than 460 institutional clients. Attention to detail. Unique and customised solutions for each of our clients (Institutional Portfolio Management).

What is portfolio management?

Portfolio management is any activity that leads to the implementation strategy that seeks to balance risk and return by diversifying its assets.

Portfolio management involves the chain of processes before and after the decision-making on the most appropriate estimated combination of assets based on a risk and return profile.

At Miraltabank, we strive to offer value in the portfolio design and in the strategy to generate a differential portfolio, which considers aspects of great relevance, such as sustainability or governance criteria, following the Principles for Responsible Investment.

How to open a portfolio management account?

Miraltabank offers several options to benefit from its Managed Portfolios service. Contact our team of professionals through the channel that best suits you and receive personalised information on Miraltabank’s Managed Portfolios service.

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